QuantAnalyzer for Windows installer

Download the installer for latest version of QuantAnalyzer below:

Last version – Build 4.9.1, released April 8, 2021

QuantAnalyzer (64-bit version) installer

QuantAnalyzer (32-bit version) installer

* If you are upgrading from version 3 please install QuantAnalyzer to a separate folder.
If you have problem with the installer, you can download QA as a ZIP archive – see link and more info below.

Get Free QuantAnalyzer

Free version has he following limitations:
  • Money Management – you can only see results for 30 % of your trades
  • Equity control – you can only see results for 30 % of your trades
  • Portfolio Master – limited to the maximum of 4 strategies
  • Compare results – limited to the first 50 trades only


Get Free QuantAnalyzer