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    Hi All,

    Am I right to assume that the more cores the better? Are the AMD Ryzen Threadrippers therefore the best for Strategy Quant for finding strategies? I’ve noted there is the new Threadripper 3990x with 64 cores and 128 threads. Will Strategy Quant make full use of all these extra cores automatically? When we get a 128 core and 256 thread CPU.. will Strategy Quant just utilise this capacity?



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    Hi Alan,

    I guess the simple answer is yes if you are comparing like for like current generation AMD and Intel processors. Threadrippers are fantastic processors, but quite expensive for the top end specs, really comes down to your budget and what else you might use the computer for. You may also want to factor in running costs, 32 core Threadrippers have a TDP of 280w so work out what it would cost you in electricity over the course of a year and add that to the build cost unless of course that isn’t a worry.

    I’m currently using a Threadripper 2950x and SQX maxes out all 16 cores 24/7 when generating strategies, pretty sure a 32 core would do the same.

    As for more than 32 cores and 64 threads Windows does have limitations when it comes to using more than 64 logical processors, so the only way to utilize more than that is by running multiple instances of SQX, so when you get to 128 core and 256 thread CPU you would probably need to run 4 instances of SQX if my understanding is correct

    Also, has been touched on before in this thread ->


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    Many thanks for the response on that :)

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