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    I have unsuccessfully been attempting building a custom work flow and i am looking for some one to build a custom workflow as described in If anyone is interested please quote your price.

    Simple strategy H1 AUDUSD

    Both Long and Short symetry

    Random Genereration

    Conditions to generate 1-3, Max Look back1 Indicator periods 5-200

    SL, Required 10-200 pips,ATR based Coef 0.5-3, indicator based

    PT, Required 20-300 pips, ATR based Coef 1-5, indicator based

    New task for each step, with seperate data bank for each step with return to task untill 100 strategy’s developed with initial generation of 2000

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    Hi David,

    here are some examples for custom workflows.

    You have to learn it, It make no sense that someone other make the work for you.

    In the SQ (I don´t know if it was the betaversion, you can look) is  a simple workflow for GBPUSD H1.

    You can expand this workflow for you own requirements.



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    and why AUDUSD?

    did you know, that there are markets, where we cant find anything usefull for us and its only a wasting of time to try beat those markets?

    You want to be a profitable algotrader? We started using StrateQuant software in early 2016. For now we have a very big knowhow for building EAs for every possible types of markets. We share this knowhow, apps, tools and also all final strategies with real traders. If you want to join us, fill in the FORM. 1500+ final SQX strategies for members running on demo accounts to verify the edge DEMO ACCS. We provide also strategies for indices - DAX, DOW JONES, NASDAQ, SP, UK, because we have realtick data from our brokers.

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    Agreed, I haven’t found an only strategy that works on AUDUSD and I’ve tryied hard because that’s one of the majors pairs

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    I have been through all learning courses and can understand them i am just limited for time now and wish to see if anyone has successfully built a custom work flow with all steps as described in the tutorial.

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    i already have sevral successfull strategies that work on AUDUSD, but has not been built with strategy quant. So i disagree with your comment. As for your suggection to share strategies i think it is out of the question to share strategies and pay for the privelige


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