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    Hi All

    I have been trying to run backtest in StrategyQuant to  compounds profit when account doubles but dont know where to start and which settings to use…For example , we are trading a $10,000 account with 1lot and the account doubles to $20,000 .So now we will trade 2lots in the $20,000 account and when $20,000 doubles to $40,000 we will trade 4lots and so on in that order.. So anytime we double the account , we increase the lot size by 2 ..How can I run this kind of backtest in StrategyQuant?Can anyone point me in the right direction please..I am quite sure this will help a lot of traders make more profit backtesting and trading their system since compounding profits in my opinion is what can grow an account exponentially when done right…I will be very glad if someone can point me in thee right direction.Thank you and green pips to you.

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    you need to use risk % money-management model for that in StrategyQuant. This will cause strategy will trade double size when account doubles. Also make sure you have stop-loss activated so the risk and size is evaluated properly

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    thanks for the tip admin..Really appreciate..Will give it a shot and see how it goes.Thanks once again and green pips to you..

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    I would Just change it manually . Works fine. Because you will find that you will have to individually change lot size between the strategies to compensate for correlation in order to have a smooth EQ curve.

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