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    I have been creating a strategy of trading which requires trades placed at various intervals in the market. What needs to happen is for the second and subsequent trade in a string to have a different lot size based on different conditions (similar to martingale strategy but not quite). I would like to be able to configure lot size according to formulas, or configure multiple trades to a risk %. At the moment the only option is to select a lot size based on fixed pips, a variable set in the inputs or predefined MM, which you can only set one risk % profile.

    For example, I would like to write a formula if one long trade exists with lot size 1.0, second trade is lot size of first trade * 1.5, etc.,  or if one trade is risk 1.0%, second trade opened risk *2, or 2% and so on. At the moment this isn’t possible. This really limits the flexibility of lot sizing.


    Can this be improved please so that lot sizes and multiple risk percentages can be set for different trades?

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    If I understand correctly you basically mean type of a martingale strategy? This can be done using EA Wizard. The basic principle is to save the lot size to a variable and increase its value for next upon successful trade opening. See the example attached

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    Hi Tomas,


    Thanks for reply. No, I would like to set trades like so:

    Trade 1 – Risk 1%

    Trade 2 – Risk 1.5%

    Trade 3 – Risk 2.0%


    You see? At the moment I cannot do this as predefined MM only gives one single risk % size trade on the whole EA. Please can I ask for this to be given more flexibility?


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