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    I have a custom indicator installed on EAWizard. It is a 2 colour moving average that changes colour depending on if it is rising or falling.

    It has the MA value in one output item if it is falling (Value 2 or attached image) and the other (2_Col_MA) if it is rising.

    If the line it flat (trend transition), the MA value is display in both outputs.

    In the EA I am creating, I want to exclude any entry where the indicator is in this transition phase. I am having getting a rule to work on this.

    Can anyone help with an EA Wizard rule input that produces a ‘true’ outcome for if there is no output value.

    For a Long position I have a rule that is true for a value greater than zero in the “2_Col_MA” output item, but need the second rule which will be false if there is also an output value in the “Value 2” data output.

    I have attached x2 images, on showing output to enter a trade (only one output number) and the other to not enter a trade (x2 output’s).

    Many thanks

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