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    Hi there,

    I created an EA for the daily timeframe. It’s based on an indicator’s crossover.

    I would like it to go long or short if the crossover has during the prior candle.

    Will it work with the daily timeframe, considering there is a short break between each trading day?

    Would it open a trade on the open of a new daily candle? I don’t want it to place trades when the spread is high.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Looking forward to your replies.


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    How can I make the EA open trades at least 1 min after the prior daily candle has closed?

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    you can check spread using the Spread in pips function. Check the screenshot attached

    It is not possible to simply delay the order. You would have to add 1 additional code line into the final strategy code to postpone order sending for 60 secs


    Find the line in the final EA code that says: // Rule: Long entry

    Place the Sleep function between // Action #1 and _ticket lines

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    Wasn’t able to find // Action #1 and _ticket lines, even when using ctrl-f. I am using EA Wizard.

    How can I make the EA only take trades after 23:00 (1 hr before daily candle close)?

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    Is anyone able to help with this?

    What conditions do I need to  set in order for the EA to place trades only after 23:00 and before 23:59 (server time)?

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