Heatmap Strategy

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Heat Map Strategy

I build a strategy that took signals from other markets across the range of a particularly currency such as USD, JPY or GBP.

The logic was simple and based on Daily Open.

If 15m bar close > Daily Open on GBPJPY & GPBUSD & GBPCAD & GBPCHF & GBPCAD

Open Long Trade on all 5 markets.

I did this for USD as well with even stronger results but certain pairs had to be reversed so the logic was a bit tougher.

Trade management was close all trades at end of day. I’d like to try different things here of course but that simplicity is all this needed for the first EA I created.

I forward ran the strategy on a demo account and it did exceptionally well with amazing results on some big trend days. But it delivered mediocre results sometimes.

I was never able to back test it properly though due to the limitations of MT4 and the Tradeview back tester was quite poor in back end testing functionality (if it worked at all).

Can anybody suggest a way I can build a cross market heatmap strategy like this on Strategy Quant X?




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2 weeks ago #275069


you can setup a strategy like that using AlgoWizard and then setup an ‘additional markets’ crosscheck to verify the performance on multiple symbols. The strategy can easily refer to other markets / timeframes as shown on the picture attached

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