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    Hello Traders

    I find for EURUSD M15 very quick strong and robust strategies. I like M15, because on this timeframe a BE or TRAILING STOP will be activated already after 15 minutes and not just after 1 hour like at H1. (But H1 is also a greatTF!)

    So what I made because of my curiosity? I put an EURUSD M15 strategy to GBPJPY.
    What happened? The equity curve was going just downwards with 7.000 trades. :D No surprise.

    I found out, that if I change the Multiplikator at BBWIDTH Ratio to 100 or 150 ( let say 150 * BBWIDTH RATIO[20, 2.0] ), then I will have just 154 trades and immediately a profitable strategy. Really! Not joke.

    So the “problem” was obviously, that the original 2.5 *  BBWIDTH RATIO[20, 2.0] was too close for a GBPJPY M15.

    QUESTION 1: how could I solve, that this Multiplikator has always such a big number at the generating? So I could reach, that the orders will be placed more far away. (Generelly this multiplikator is always small, like 0.5 – 2)
    QUESTION 2: if I cannot let randomize the multiplikator like above desired, which indicator should I take for placing the stop order more far? ATR, SMALLEST RANGE, BIGGEST RANGE, FIX PIP, BAR RANGE? Or should I change rather the DEVIATION at the BB RANGE and BBWIDTH indicators so that the orders will be placed more far away?

    Thank you all.

    Best regards, Csaba

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    how can you go with the usd strategy to jpy pairs? jpy pairs has different decimals

    why dont you run the builder and try to make some manual changes?

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    It was just curiosity.
    It was very strange, that I cannot find GBPJPY strategies…

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