How do you actually employ a portfolio of strategies?

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1 year ago #259591

So looking on this forum it seems most traders prefer to use a portfolio of uncorrelated strategies at the same time and it makes sense.

However, how exactly do you employ these strategies all at the same time? Do you upload all of them on the same broker MT platform, or do you open multiple MT instances?

How do you manage order size and other MM parameters from different strategies at the same time?



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1 year ago #259602

i am using simple methods – all my strategies are fixedlots and have the same values, for example 0.05 etc. i am not making any “calibration” of historical risk, because for example GBP pairs are more expensive then EURUSD for example

i have no problem to load 80 strats to 1 MQL platform – we are placing pending orders and in the code are retries if platform is under fire 🙂

i am using more porfolios, for now have 20+ real portfolios and trading lower capital in each account and trying in every portfoiol different process how to build a portfolios

so i am trading portfolio of portfolios 🙂

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