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    I lost appr. 8000 strategies and this is (I think) after the idiot automatic restart of Windows regarding the updates….
    After I launched SQX, the already generated 8000 strategies did not load again into the databank of the Builder.

    But earlier they would loaded automatically. Why not now? Because the — automatic sync — of databanks is turned off?

    Thanks for the answers!

    Brg, Csaba

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    without turned on autosync the strategies are still only in RAM

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    Understand…Thank you, than I guessed it also right…

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    Happened the same to me on my VPS… such mistake you only do once. Now I sync every 30 min.


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    Pfff…. Yes, I believe you. I learned a lot now.

    By the way: is the generation much slower on VPS? I just have 1 very powerful computer and I was wondering if I should buy a new one or rather try with VPS…

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    Depends of course on the VPS CPU and provider (if they oversell, ect) … now I am running it on a dedicated Hetzner Server. I like the fact that I can let it run 24/7 remote.


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    This just happened to me… PC didnt restart, but SQX crashed.

    I restarted SQX and all my strategies were gone, even though I had auto sync turned on.

    Is there any way to get them back?

    It took me over a week to mine these strategies, with dozens of task tweaks during the process.¬† I f***king feel like flipping a table over. ūüė°

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    This happens to me fairly regularly, not only does it delete recent strats it also deletes every strat in the entire user file from multiple custom projects. I’ve no idea why it does that!

    I back up the entire SQX ‘user’ file every time before shutting down the software that way the amount of strats and builds lost is zero.

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    Thanks Jason, this is useful.

    i will do this moving forward!


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    software crashes happening regularly, must be investigated because a software crash is a very rare event

    the rule of good practice in running a pc 24/7 (at home) is to have as fewer components, programs and drivers as possible, the simpler the system, the less likely situation of a crash and vice versa. The system must be as barebone as possible and only with a windows server OS, a few essential drivers and only the SQ installed and running.

    regarding VPS services, in my personal opinion, each trader must do/perform a financial analysis and compare the two solutions, investing in a personal PC vs VPS

    especially with the newly launched 5000 series Ryzen from AMD, on AM4 platform, which is a very simple and less expensive platform, one can build a very good PC, and by very good, i mean one that has comparable performance to the old threadrippers

    the main question in these cases is in how many years/months you can fully recover the investment in a VPS subscription. By delegating a job, one pays a premium for others to do a job that can easily be made at home for free

    Timisoara, Romania
    3900X 3.8 Ghz 12 cores, 64GB RAM DDR4 3000Mhz, Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 NVMe

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    if you experience an unexpected crash of SQX during the build / retest / optimzation the best you can do is to activate debug level logging in the SQX configuration setting (see the screenshot attached). Once another crash occurs please attach the log into our roadmap here (create a bug report)

    Developers will need to investigate the log for possible issues.

    Important: also please attach the build config (see the image attached how to save) with your PC config and brief description of what happens in your case. 

    NOTE: the debug level logging creates large log files so use only if necessary

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