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    Two days ago, I used the SQX build 131.659 to improve a EURCHF TF30 strategy by adding entry conditions.

    The issue I have that the generated strategies pass the fast tests in SQX (MonetCarlo and High Precision Backtest) but as soon as I export to MT4 and try the backtest, I get Zero trades over the last 10 years!

    I am thinking that the code result from the “improve from existing” strategy is broken. I am attaching a sample strategy with the problem here for reference and diagnosis.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Syed,

    the problem might be with your MT4. The strategy contains this condition: Current Day of Week = Sunday

    This will not work with a broker that uses UTC+2/+3 zone since the market opens at 00:00 Monday and no trading is being done over the weekend.

    If you test using a MT4 broker that is for example UTC (London) you will get 2 hours on Sunday and EA will open trades

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    Thank you Tomas! Any workaround to make it work on GMT+2 brokers?

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    Scratch that. I have sorted this out and have also learned a thing or two along the way. Thanks for your help with this. :)

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