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    paul gallienne
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    hello people im new to this any help would be great thanks

    in the tutorial it said eur/usd doesnt use use limit orders so turn it off

    but aud/cad can

    does this mean all the other main 5 pairs dont use it?

    im going to build a portfolio of each main pair one bot for each

    iv just finishd watching the tutorial took me 2 days lol

    iv got 3000 genorated by following your tutorial on eur/usd h1  laptop on all night my computer not quick enough for rondom gen all my other bots will be h1 too because i need to get my head arount just forex main pairs first

    any tips for settings to genorate the other pairs or just leave the same ?

    also testing will be the same for the other pairs ?


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    these are just general recommendations. All the major forex pairs are tough markets to trade and all have slightly different characteristics.

    If somebody did not find success using limit or any other type of order in certain market does not have to necessarily mean it won’t work for you. I suggest to test all ideas you might have. You might be surprised that what others think does not work actually work pretty well for you

    Just beware when using limit order the testing precision must be high enough so the backtest is evaluated correctly

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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