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    Hi Guys

    I have made an EA which I am wanting to put a martingale system on losing trades. The problem is that my EA would sometimes have multiple orders running on the same time. I have attached my EA.

    I would like every time a order is -50pips a martingale order will be placed.

    so if originally it was 0.01 pips the next order would be 0.02 and then times 2 after that to meet the martingale system.

    I would like the TP to be the same as my profit variable included in the EA.

    I have tried to place the martingale in the second entry in the EA but I dont seem to have it right.


    Please help

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    have attached

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    also when I run the ea in the mt4 tester it doesnt seem to trade on every signal which is produced even though it meets the trading conditions

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    Hello, you can attach our project as a ZIP file or send to so we can check

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    I am still fairly new to trading. Just wanting to clarify. You dont think my ea is good or martingale isnt good?

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    I have sent an email to

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