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    I have been plotting and simulating for weeks now on a forex EA with very specific signal combinations.  I got every everything the way I want it in terms of trading method, signals, entry, exit, etc.  Just need to get the code into a workable version in MT4 and MT5.  I have back tested and re-tested this EA, then tried to get it into a file that MT4 can read.  Both saving the file from SQX into MT4 EA file extension and loading the code into the Editor (after compiling), I keep getting errors after the compile.  Can someone please let me know what I am doing wrong?  I have gone through hours and hours of the tutorial and manuals and I just don’t understand what the problem is.  The Strategy is attached.  Thanks.

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    did you put the indicators to the MT platform? because compiling for all strats work for me without a problem…

    but i must say it very simply and by open mind – your strategy sucks and you will loose your money if you put it to a real account. You are using not cloned data, you are going for TP only 8 pips, some of your trades last for years, your open drawdown will drain your account, you are using %MM and have exponential EQ curve, you have in your strategy BE and trailing stop – but its never used, no SL trading, etc. etc.

    if anything is bad – its in your strategy – are you looking for a holy grail – no loss strategy – here you have it, but i told you – holy grails doenst exists

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    Of course I put all of the indicators into MT4 folder.  Still doesn’t work.

    And thanks for your wonderful analysis of my strategy.  I already know it won’t work “as is”.  But, I wanted to make some adjustments for fun in the MT4 input panel for TP, SL and autolots.  What do you care what I want to do with the strategies I create?!

    Anyone from the developer side can help me?  Thanks.

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