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    Hi Everyone,

    Just started using algowizard last month and im learning lots about EAs with this valuable tool.

    Looking at the code for a simple EA that doesn’t utilise any indicators I’ve noticed 5k+ lines of code. I imagine lots of this code is unnecessary such as candle patterns and most annoyingly the heiken ashi which requires the SQ heiken ashi indcator be installed on my MT5 terminal.

    Has anyone had experience streamlining the code and removing unnecessary and process consuming code from it? Is there a tutorial somewhere i haven’t been able to find yet?

    Thanks in advance

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    currently the code is always exported in its full version. This could be modified in future so the final code would contain only functions necessary to run the EA built. I will add a request for developers to consider tweaking this. Until then the only way is to remove the functions by yourself if you feel confident about editing the code manually

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    thank you,

    i guess i’ll try the trial and error approach and just start removing chunks manually :)

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