Traderesults in SQ does not match the backtest results in Metatrader

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Wieland Sperr

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1 week ago #275195

I hope you can help me with my problem. When I create a strategy in SQ, the results in Metatrader in the same backtest period are different, the same in MC/Tradestation (with imported data). I had a look that the timestamp is correct for Metatrader/Multicharts, also in precition I used 1 minute data tick simulation in Metatrader, Timeframe is correct… Not sure what is wrong, because the diference is not a little bit.

I hope you have an idea what went wrong.

The attached files are from a quick test in SQ for creating a strategy in Metatrader.

Thank you

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1 week ago #275201


there can be many reasons for different results. I recommend to go over some of our articles about backtesting precision here … you might be missing some important step. The most important component is generally the data used for testing in our and trading platforms. If you still find significant differences you can send me the strategy to [email protected], I can check


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