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    Hi Edinho,

    you you run some EAs on Realaccount ?


    Your demoaccount looks good. But sometimes the trades on realaccount are different.



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    I know that execution differs from demo and real account….this is only an illustration of my results…part of my workflow is  – 1 full year of testing strategies being  exposed to “real” market behaviour…

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    Wow, the skepticism and negativity in here is dismal! 


    If we were to just focus on the portfolio of this particular thread then what exactly is so wrong with it?


    It’s not even been running a year people!


    There was a period of stagnation from June 26th to Septermber 8th. Less than two and half months.


    And then another period of stagnation from September 8th until now. Who knows how much longer it will stagnate…but who knows what the maximum stagnation was during testing?? Only the creator of the portfolio.


    I’ve seen countless strategies with long periods of stagnation. Even with a large portfolio of strategies 100 days + of stagnation has been common. That’s over 3 months of a portfolio not making new highs!


    TIP: if you don’t like stagnation and slow gains…create more profitable strategies to fill in the gaps. Simple.


    And no, I completely disagree that people successful portfolios are going to brag about it. Not everyone is like that.


    Also, by all accounts, the owner of this particular portfolio has already said the results are good enough for him and in line with his own expectations.


    I don’t know what the big deal is and I think everyone just needs to get back to building new and better strategies.


    That myfxbook system has now been stopped and the money withdrawn.  It did make an overall profit, but return/DD was 1 over a year.

Viewing 3 posts - 151 through 153 (of 153 total)

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