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Forums>StrategyQuant (formerly named Genetic Builder)>Application Support>[ARGENT!] Need help!!!, cant trade like this anymore, sometimes SL/TP wont set!

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    @mabi is right, i am correctly working to improve the overall code, i found some bugs here and there, adding few things to fix those problems, if the dev team wont release any fixes to the code, i will publish mine thats ok,

    i think we should work together and solve the bugs inside the code,

    i will open a topic on that subject as soon as ill finish working on the code, later on today, so the published code will be open for everybody to improve the excising (minimized) bugs in compair to the official 3.8.2’s bugs.

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    many bugs ware fixed,

    few features added,

    better documentation of errors and operations

    much better synchronization between the results from SQ 3.8.2 and MT4 !


    still working on that i will open a new topic with the updated “code” folder files in it so we could work all together to solve the rest of the bugs and improve the code overall as common project with logs of changes.

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    Hi karish. You rocks !

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    @clonex thanks mate XD,


    What i realized is that it was not a bug that orders was opened and stayed without any SL/TP,

    the the function was written in such a way that Pending orders was not modified with SL/TP at all until they become Market orders, which is freaking weird to do so, think about it..,


    plus what i come to realize about Market orders they also can be opened without any SL/TPs until a TrailingStop/BreakEven/TrailingProfit will modify the order (ONLY THE STOPLOSS!),


    Everything is super weird to me after digging deep into the code from A to Z,

    • i successfully modified all those buggy things,
    • the synchronization between the results from SQ 3.8.2 and MT4 got more accurate,
    • trades became much safer,
    • every single Log move / Error is in much detail now,
    • orders became more reliable cause of Client2Server management & Error management, Retries each order until success was added,
    • each order (MarketOrders/PendingOrders) comes with an automatic SL/TP by a must
    • Shows Spread when order has been opened
    • when dropping the EA on a chart it will show on the chart if there are Bars<30 for indicators & etc calculation porpoises..
    • when dropping the EA on a chart it will not only show you when for what Pair&TF the EA ment to be traded on, but it will automaticly change to the right Pair&TF by it self, there is no possibility to change the Pair&TF back by an accsedent or so, so it is safe and wont trade on a different Pair&TF by mistake
    • Automatic MagicNumber is set to each and every EA by default, no need to change each EA manually or checking if there are 2 or more EAs with the same MagicNumber, there is a unique MagicNumber to each and every EA based on the “.str” file name..
    • Added AZ-INVEST plugin’s support code lines where needed by default.
    • ensure that all orders are closed at the end of the time range/Friday/end of the day..
    • and much more i cant remember them all XD

    i am still working on fixing some minor bugs and i will publish that updated code folder in a new dedicated topic.. :)

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    Almost done, need to make some checking before i publish..

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