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    I would be very careful to say this simple equation: you have good PC specs = you will be profitable

    the profitability will come only by experience

    for newbies its nonsense to spend 1000s of USD for some superb PC specs and start with a green button and wait, this is way to hell

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    i can elaborate on the subject, although this would be a discussion for the main thread of PC recommendation

    in my personal view, today, the best, most atractive configuration for beginners would be the 3900X. Its a 12 core, 3,8Ghz base freq. processor which is around 500 EUR in any shop right now. ( i am using eur because i think most users here are from Europe). It has a 8350 point CPU-Z score which is very good for a single processor at that price range. The system will use around 110 kw/month in continuous use.

    Around this processor, one can build a compact, air cooled modern desktop with a final price of a little over 1000 eur. This sum is the bare minimum. Experienced traders use Threadrippers which are more expensive.

    In my view and from my practical expeince on several configurations, anything which has less than 5000 CPU-Z score and at the same time, below 700 EUR, is not worth using for creating strategies because its simply too slow, it will take several weeks for any given project and the electricity is not used efficiently.

    As for time, i think 5 days would be an acceptable timeframe to create a solid databank which would pass a retest protocol (different timeframes, slippage but also the set of MC tests). With a weaker processor, this would take a month instead of 5 days. The ammount of electricity used is around the same, if you use less in more time or more in less time. By using a decent system, the clear advantage is the time gained.


    Timisoara, Romania
    3700X 3.6 Ghz 8 cores, 64GB RAM DDR4 3000Mhz, Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 NVMe

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    as they say in Italy money is not everything …. but a decent PC and knowledge and experience make all the difference

    I’d try a super pc with hundreds of cores
    little dream
    regarding algotrading




    .but when you wait hours or days
    would you like to have a ferrari pc

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