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Build 126

Released December 2019 (v. 126)

  • Bugfix release fixing some reported issues

    • Feature – Added new Reserved Bars setting to Trading options
      for better compatibility with Tradestation/MultiCharts.Now you are able to configure the reserved bars (Max Bars Back in Tradestation) before strategy starts trading.Note that because of change in first trading date caused by different starting bar you might get few more or less trades in your strategies compared to older SQ versions.
    • Feature – Improved new Resolve config feature
      it is now more intuitive and easier to use.Resolve config feature is what is displayed when you import config or strategy from another installation of SQ and you are missing some data or settings.
    • Bug – Fixed problems with disappearing databanks
    • Bug – Fixed problem with Shift in generated EasyLanguage code for daily building blocks
    • Bug – Fixed displaying daily equity when commissions/slippage is used for TS/MC strategies
    • Numerous reported issues fixed

    Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.