What's new in StrategyQuant

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Improvements from StrategyQuant 3

Released January 2018 (v. 110)

StrategyQuant X development is a major upgrade from version 3, the whole program was rewritten from the ground up.

  • Major improvements include:

    • Support for multi-timeframe, multi-market strategies, support of
      Tradestation / MultiCharts.
    • New modern user interface
      that is easier to use, and allows to display more info about the strategies
    • Automated workflow
      automated workflow with integrated robustness tests, and custom projects.
    • Extendability
      possibility to extend the program with your own indocators, metrics, position sizing models and much more.
    • New strategy styles
      signals model, fuzzy logic model in addition to standard SQ3 model.
    • Integrated fully-featured strategy wizard
      enables you to create your own strategy by combining its elements without programming. Not limited to a fixed strategy format like in SQ3.