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    Hi Mark. Thanks for good news. A Must is to have an option to see how  indicators works on chart to verify them. And it would be paradise to have an option to make tasks like:  Build strategies wait until databank is full, then perfrom tests then run RT tests then choose by criteria  and then send me an email  B)  :D

    One thing i want to mention about the “Option to see how indicators works on chart to verify them”

    Would there be an option to see the graph already INSIDE SQ4 to check the orders and indicators and stuff that the strategies built on?,

    Could that built-in graph support custom charts?


    And is the new engine will understand and utilize custom charts like AZ-Invest’s TICK / RANGE / RENKO / MEDIAN / POINT-O ?,

    because the results in SQ3.8 with custom charts differents between testing inside SQ and MT4,

    SQ shows great results while MT4 failing the test, tried it many times with the same history data, same settings, plus the code line that i should add to make the AZ-Invest’s plugin to understand the chart, plus tested on tickstory with 99.90% tick quality and etc.., still SQ shows good results but MT4 shows failing results and very much different from the results of SQ..

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    • The testing engine in SQ4 already supports multi-symbol and multi-timeframe strategies



    Will we be able to test multiple strategies (or the same strategy with multiple/different optimizations) on multiple symbols as a portfolio-test?



    A Must is to have an option to see how  indicators works on chart to verify them.

    I think exporting the indicator in mql and testing it in MT4 would be the best approach to an already very long awaited SQ4 ;)

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    I would also love to have a “acceptance criteria” in the optimizer just like in the generator. E.g. “minimum trades” “max stagnation” etc. like it exists in the generator. Right now during optimization we can “only” use the fitness function.

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    Thank you for your good work! :)

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    When you create custom indicator/building block in SQ4 you are usually copying some indicator that exists elsewhere, so you already have a code for this indicator. If not, then you should code this indicator also in the target platform.


    Another option is exactly as you mention – trade directly from SQ using a bridge or direct connection to a broker. This is something we’d like to provide as well.


    That’s cool…


    But I think SQ should have 2 main programs , or starters. One for strategies building, one for live trading. And the 2nd one is not easier than strategies builder. Maybe we can achieve it later.


    I suggest that developers don’t add new more functions  before the alpha versions release.


    If we constantly add new features, SQ4 will not be done for ever.

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    Can we expect EA Wizard integrated to SQ4 or at least in cross compatible strategy format ?

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    Can we expect EA Wizard integrated to SQ4 or at least in cross compatible strategy format ?


    Hello, new Wizard will be an integral part of SQ4, and it will enable to create more complex strategies

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    I’m guessing if the development of the SQ4 engine is only 80% completed, and the UI is not really started in any depth, then the product is quite a long way from even an early release…

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    Yes, I thought that too… sounds like it´s at least half a year away until something that can be used without to many bugs.

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    2 months . Bottle of wine [emoji1]

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    I guess :D

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    Why this time-range? That would be only 2 months from here, I doubt that a lot.

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    Mark, very exciting! What are you using for your front end tech [if you don’t mind me asking out loud]? I’ve never used this, but it looks like a pretty solid solution for Java developers:– but I’m sure you’re way past this stage. I ran across it the other day and thought about the new SQ4. Keep up the good work! 

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    you are right, there will be two separate programs – SQ and a Trader. But we will not wait with SQ for the Trader. I agree with you, we plan to release an Alpha version of SQ4 as soon as possible, even without the complete functionality, to give you some overview and receive an input from you.


    A Must is to have an option to see how  indicators works on chart to verify them.


    yes, it is planned, but it will not postpone the Alpha version of SQ



    I’m really not really keen on giving more exact time estimations because time and time again I proved myself wrong. We have internal deadline to produce some Alpha version (with at least a part of functionality) by the end of this month. But again, I cannot promise it 100%.

    StrategyQuant architect

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