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Build 117

Released 4.1.2019

Stability build fixing reported issues. 

  • Fixed increasing memory problem.
  • Improvements and fixed issues with Walk-Forward optimizations.
  • Fixed problem with Enter in databank.
  • Updated indicator default parameters and their negation.
  • Fixed other smaller reported issues.

Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.

Build 116

Released 21.12.2018

Bugfix & improvements focusing on fixing bugs reported with the previous release. 

  • Added flexible timeframes computation + timeframes for futures data
  • Fixed issues with Walk-Forward runs & data
  • Improved configuration of blocks – settings for one block can be now cloned to all blocks of the same indicators.
  • Bugfixes in data manager, added Log window for progress and log
  • Fixed numerous other reported issues

Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.

Build 115

Released 23.11.2018

Bugfix update focusing on fixing bugs reported with the previous release. 

  • Bugfixes related to optimization, and new Optimization profile, System Parameter permutations results
  • Bugfixes related to stopping projects without reason
  • Bugfixes related to initial population
  • Shift parameter configuration was returned back
  • Fixed numerous other reported issues

Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.

Build 114

Released 16.11.2018

Big update focusing on performance, new features and bugfixes.

  • Improved backtesting engine, raw performance was increased by up to 50%, with much lower memory usage. It also solves a big portion of SQ freezing and performance problems.
  • Added new advanced features – Optimization profile and System Parameter Permutations. Please check the article about it here: Optimization Profile and System Parameter Permutation in StrategyQuant
  • Fixed bug with incorrect computation of Walk-Forward results
  • Fixed issues in Custom projects, added possibility to start just one task or from given task
  • Fixed numerous other reported issues

Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.

Build 113

Released 26.10.2018

Bugfix update, fixes reported bugs in generation, genetic evolution and other areas.

  • Switched to Azul Zulu Java 11 for better stability and performance.
  • Added more examples to Extending SQ guide
  • Fixed some smaller issues with Dark skin
  • Fixed probems with slow genetic evolution, improved genetic effectiveness
  • Fixed issues in improver
  • Added handling for freezing UI

Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.

Build 112

Released 15.10.2018

Final version release. The program is stable enough to be used in real trading.

  • Upgrade to Java 11
  • Tradestation EasyLanguage support added (beta version)
  • Fixed bugs in Improver and Optimizer
  •  Improved program speed and responsiveness
  •  Fixes in custom projects
  • Simpler code to extend SQ with new indicator

Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.

Build 111

Released 21.09.2018
  • New installer and updater
    new installer and more reliabe autoupdater
    There are now two exe files: StrategyQuantX.exe (default one) checks for updates upon start
    StrategyQuantX_nocheck.exe doesn’t checks for updates

    Because of this change, also the config file was renamed to StrategyQuantX_nocheck.config
  • Updated UI
    improved Home page, renamed to Getting started. Link to new SQ Programming project added.
  • Cleaner simple settings screen
  • Fixed backtesting and trading issues
    multiple reported trading issues fixed (differenvces between 108 and 110 trading), strategies between SQ 3 and SQ X behave almost the same, tests between SQ X and MT 4/5 match.
  • Fixed Data manager problems
    fixed bug when creating new symbol and downloading data
  • Realistic gaps handling, Min/Max SL/PT trading options
    new trading options added

Please check Roadmap for a full changelog.

Improvements from StrategyQuant 3

StrategyQuant X development is a major upgrade from version 3, the whole program was rewritten from the ground up.

Major improvements include:

  • Support for multi-timeframe, multi-market strategies
    Tradestation / MultiCharts, NinjaTrader, Quantopian as the first ones, we’ll add other trading platforms after that.
  • New modern user interface
    that is easier to use, and allows to display more info about the strategies
  • Automated workflow
    automated workflow with integrated robustness tests, and custom projects.
  • Extendability
    possibility to extend the program with your own indocators, metrics, position sizing models and much more.
  • New strategy styles
    signals model, fuzzy logic model in addition to standard SQ3 model.
  • Integrated fully-featured strategy wizard
    enables you to create your own strategy by combining its elements without programming. Not limited to a fixed strategy format like in SQ3.

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