Last updated on 5. 5. 2015 by Mark Fric

Analyzing reports

when report is loaded into Quant Analyzer you can now review its performance in the Analyze tab. Switch to Analyze in the left toolbar and you’ll see a number of tabs with different views of the strategy.

Other important aspects

Results in money / percentage / pips

Quant Analyzer allows you to switch between results in money, percent or pips using button on the toolbar.


Note that to correctly compute results in % it is necessary to have properly configured Initial deposit. If your report doesn’t contain deposit you can still set it in Analyze → Settings and the recompute the results.

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3. 11. 2021 8:20 am

I have a suggestion. Is it possible to supplement the text with a description of KPIs and state their definition, formula for calculation, what does it mean?
For inspiration: