Last updated on 22. 7. 2015 by Mark Fric

Starting Quant Analyzer with more memory

The maximum memory used by Quant Analyzer is 8 GB, which should be enough for anything.

But if you want to run QA with more memory you can change the setting in QuantAnalyzer4.config file in the QA folder.

Just change the line:

option -Xmx8g

to something else, for example:

option -Xmx16g  <- for 16 GB

Note that this will not work for 32-bit version, which has memory limitations and memory cannot be extended that easily.

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Nicole Gray
Nicole Gray
19. 9. 2020 2:58 pm

Thanks, How do you extend the memory for SQX Ultimate Build 129?

Reply to  Nicole Gray
30. 10. 2020 9:16 pm

You can open the Configuration -> Memory and adjust the maximum memory allocated using the “Set maximum memory” option