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Open Balances analysis

In QuantAnalyzer, the “Open Balances” function is used to analyze profit and loss values of your trades. It computes real open unrealized profit/loss values for your trades and tells you real drawdown the strategy reached. The feature is important for trades that want to know real open profit and loss made by strategies.

By default QuantAnalyzer does not show open loss and profit for trades loaded through reports. Drawdown and other statistical values are based on closed transactions only. Using the open balance you can evaluate real risk exposure of your trades and size properly. It is especially useful when trading margined products where excessive risks needs to be avoided.

Here are steps you need to follow to run the analysis in QuantAnalyzer

#1 – Launch QuantAnalyzer

First please ensure that you have the latest version installed or download the latest QuantAnalyzer version

#2 – Load a report

In QuantAnalyzer, you work with projects that contain your trading data and analysis. You can load reports from various trading platforms or even unsupported ones! If you are not sure about supported platforms check our list of supported platforms for QuantAnalyzer


#3 – Import 1 minute data

To utilize the “Open Balances” function, you need to have your trading OHLC 1 minute data imported into the project. QuantAnalyzer supports various file formats such as CSV. The “minutedata” folder inside the QuantAnalyzer installation folder is used to store minute-level data for various financial instruments. This folder is created by QuantAnalyzer to organize and manage the historical minute data that is downloaded or imported into the software.

If you do not have the data available yet you can use our solution such as QuantDataManager or StrategyQuantX to get high quality 1-minute data from supported brokers such as Dukascopy or Darwinex and others.

#4 – Once you have the data loaded verify you can see it under the list and can be used

Make sure you can see the data loaded into QA. You can hi the Refresh button to reload the content of the data folder mentioned.

NOTE: QuantAnalyzer show only the data based on strategy selected in the databank to have a symbol match. See 2 following pictures below:

You can even select various data sources (files) for the same symbol using the right menu

#5 – Run the computation process

Now you can hit the Compute button. It will take some time to compute depending or how much data is being used.

#6 – View analysis results in your chart. For details how to setup the view the see the Max Open Drawdown value see the video-clip

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