Last updated on 13. 7. 2020 by Mark Fric

Saving System Tester results in MetaStock

Please note that support for MetaStock was added in version 4.8.1


When you have System Tester result that you want to copy to QuantAnalyzer for further analysis you can do it as follows:

  • Open System Tester Result Details
  • Switch to Orders tab
  • Select all orders
  • Copy the selected text into Clipboard as follows:

MetaStock Copy & Paste to QuantAnalyzer


Then you have two options:

  1. paste the text directly to QuantAnalyzer – click on Paste report icon in the toolbar, then switch to MetaStock Report tab and paste your orders there:QuantAnalyzer paste MetaStock
  2. alternatively create a new empty file – for example in Notepad editor, paste the orders contents there and then save this file with .csv extension. Then you’ll be able to  normally load the file into QuantAnalyzer.



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