Starting StrategyQuant with more memory

Author: Mark Fric

May 5th, 2015

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The maximum memory used by StrategyQuant is determined automatically during start depending on the size of your RAM.
If you want to run SQ with more memory you can start it with command line option:

StrategyQuant64.exe -J-Xmx512m      <- for 512 MB
StrategyQuant64.exe -J-Xmx1g      <- for 1 GB
StrategyQuant64.exe -J-Xmx2g      <- for 2 GB
StrategyQuant64.exe -J-Xmx4g      <- for 4 GB

The most convenient way to do this is to create a .bat file that will contain this parameter.
You can download an example .bat file here. (Note that it is zipped, unzip it to SQ folder.)

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