Update of folder structure from Build 131

Author: Mark Fric

March 3rd, 2021

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Starting in Build 131 we are modifying a folder structure for user extensions.

This is a technical change and if you are a “standard” StrategyQuant user and do not develop or use optional extensions available for example on our Codebase then this does not concern you at all.

In Build 131 we are changing the folders for user extensions – code, snippets, plugins, and libraries – they will be all located in {StrategyQuant installation}/user folder.

These new user customizations folders are created:



The old location of extensions in {StrategyQuant installation}/extend was also moved to {StrategyQuant installation}/internal folder, t now contains only built-in extensions.

All extension files in /internal folder are read-only and unmodifiable, StrategyQuant will not load any user classes that are added there.
User-customized content should be placed into the appropriate subfolder in /user folder.


StrategyQuant CodeEditor supports this automatically in Build131 – you can see both Buildin and User contents there, and imported extensions are stored into /user folder automatically.


Note on migration / upgrade from older versions – because of this change we recommend a clean installation of Build 131.

However, autoupdate should work – it will try to recognize custom extensions and migrate them to user folder.

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