Last updated on 24. 8. 2021 by Tomas Vanek

How to enable or disable GPU acceleration in StrategyQuant X

Sometimes you might experience a situation that your graphic card has some problems during using StrategyQuant X. In this short tutorial I will show you how to enable or disable GPU. There are two ways how to do that.


The first way

is to set this option in StrategyQuant X user interface.

Go to the options and click on ‘Configuration’:


By default the GPU acceleration is enabled (as you can see in the following screen):



So if you want to disable the GPU acceleration, just turn off the switch as you can see on the next screen:


For applying this option you have to restart SQ X. 


The second way

is to set the GPU acceleration directly in the config file which is stored here:


Open it in a text editor and change this line




after saving the file you can launch the StrategyQuant X.

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