Last updated on January 7, 2019 by Tomas Vanek

What’s new in StrategyQuant X?

Main new features in StrategyQuant X (over version 3):

  • New UI – based on HTML/JS, which is more intuitive and more flexible
  • It has full backtesting/trading engine – SQ X now has a complete trading engine that can be used to test any strategy, it is not limited to a fixed strategy format like in SQ3.
  • Multi-timeframe or multi-symbol strategies – SQ X now allows you to generate strategies that trade on multiple charts, be it the same symbol, just different timeframe, or a totally different symbols
  • Flexible strategy architecture – SQ X allows you to choose from three strategy architectures, including one with fuzzy logic, and thanks to strategy templates you can easily generate your own type of strategy
  • Extensibility – you can extend SQ X to support your own indicators, building blocks or even things like computed statistical values
  • Custom projects allowing flexible tasks flow – in addition to the three main parts of the program (Builder, Retester, Optimizer) you now have a possibility to build your own custom project with its own flow of tasks.
    It allows to create automated processes that can run without user intervention and can continually build, test, verify and filter the generated strategies.
  • Support for grid and parallel computation on multiple computers – this is something we are still developing, but it will be possible to use multiple computers to speed up the tests or generation of your trading strategies


Watch the newest features added on our page.

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