How to downgrade

Author: Mark Fric

April 24th, 2020

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The steps to downgrade your existing installation are simple:

  1. Download the older build as a ZIP from our Download page – section Previous builds
  2. Rename the folder where your current version fo SQ is installed, for example from C:StrategyQuant to C:StrategyQuant_backup
  3. Extract the downloaded older build ZIP to C:StrategyQuant – this creates a complete clean installation
  4. Copy the whole /user folder from C:StrategyQuant_backup to C:StrategyQuant. This copies all your data and project settings from your backup installation to the new one.

Then just start StrategyQuantX.exe from C:StrategyQuant folder and everything should be working. You can then delete the backup folder.


Note – SQ builds are backwards compatible, but not forward compatible. If you are using for example version 126 and you’d copy its /user contents to older build 120, some of the configs or data might not be recognized properly in the old 120 version.

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