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Setting up firewall for StrategyQuant X on Linux

When you are using StrategyQuantX on Linux for the first time and when you are using a firewall you have to allow ports for StrategyQuant X.


StrategyQuant use these ports:

25,465,587 - SMTP server

443  - Web

80 - Web

8080-8099 - User interface

5050-5059 - User interface


Now, I will show you how to allow ports for the Ubuntu distro and ufw firewall.


Run these commands for allowing all the ports:

ufw allow 8080:8099/tcp

ufw allow 80

ufw allow 443

ufw allow 25

ufw allow 465

ufw allow 587

ufw allow 5050:5059/tcp


Check firewall status:

ufw status

You should get this output:


Congratulations, should be able to run StrategyQuant X with an enabled firewall on Ubuntu Linux.



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5. 9. 2023 4:18 pm

What hostnames and IP addresses need be included if via a company firewalls?